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Gina Rodriguez Plays a Writer That Picks Her Career Over a Relationship

As of late Netflix’s rom-com game has been on point — All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Kissing Booth, and Set it up! But my faves tend to focus on the love stories of a youngish demographic, which is exactly why Someone Great is such a treat. Someone Great follows Gina Rodriguez’s character Jenny as she copes with the dissolution of her 9-year college relationship with the help of her day ones, Blair (Brittany Snow) and Erin (DeWanda Wise).

Jenny is a music journalist who is planning her move from NYC to San Francisco in order to take her dream job as an editor at Rolling Stone. We learn that her boyfriend played by Lakeith Stanfield has chosen to end the relationship instead of trying to do the long distance thing and Jenny is rightfully crushed. What ensues is her master plan to get into Neon Classic [a night club] for a secret show for one last crazy night with her girlfriends before moving and leaving behind all her memories. Mind you, it’s a move that she did not for one second reconsider to save her relationship — It’s refreshing to see a single, career-minded Latina lead that isn’t chasing a man and a family, but is instead following her dreams.

As you can imagine, the day leads to plenty of funny mishaps and adventures all over the city as the three friends try to score tickets, find drugs and outfits for the night. There are some fun cameos, there is also a healthy sprinkling of flashbacks that do a pretty good job of illustrating what a breakup is like in the age of social media and how quickly your mood can change from hearing a song. The bodega moment when all three girls burst into Selena’s “Dreaming of you” only to get shut down and kicked out by the owner is hilarious. And we soon see that Jenny’s looming departure causes a ripple effect within the group as we learn that Erin and Blair are also coping with the anxieties that creep up toward the end of your 20’s.

As introspective humans tend to do with life experiences, all three women are finding themselves examining the plans and values they once thought were concrete. As anyone in their 30’s can attest to, most of the things you will swear by in your 20’s won’t make the cut into the next decade — and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Jenny’s boyfriend wasn’t horrible or abusive, but they were definitely not in the same place anymore and Jenny realizes she needs to let go. Someone Great explores what happens when you’ve outgrown a relationship that used to have a central place in your life, as well as the feelings that arise when we face tough transitions. It sucks, but it also proves that amazing opportunities and friendships are made stronger despite change. And like many of us will realize throughout our lives, sometimes the person you have to walk away from isn’t some horrible jerk, sometimes they were someone great.

Catch Someone Great on Netflix April 19th.

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