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Gina Torres Exudes Power in ‘Suits’

suits-182Suits is a law drama that contains more drama than law—and that’s exactly what audiences want. Unlike some shows on their 5th season, critics are giving Suits even higher marks than in earlier seasons. One actress has received the most award attention amid Suits‘ many nominations: the beloved Gina Torres. Torres plays Jessica Pearson, the managing partner of Suits‘ law firm. As the egos of senior partners and associates and paralegals collide, Jessica rules the office with an iron fist. She has a simple solution to workplace selfishness and scheming: ultimately, be the one in control.

What’s it like playing such a commanding character? Gina described the experience to Arise 360 in one word: “Liberating.”

Besides her attitude, Jessica is well known for her distinctive wardrobe. “It’s structure. It’s almost sculpture and architecture, the way the silhouette is built,” Gina told Arise. “She’s become known for that.” The entire point of her clothes is to present her as the power figure of the firm. Finishing her appearance are five-inch stilettos. Add that to Gina Torres’ 5′ 10″ height and Jessica cuts an impressive figure. As Gina put it to POPSUGAR Entertainment, “She is [up] there, just overlooking her kingdom.”

ginatorresJust like Jessica, Gina keeps herself busy. For the last three years she has worked alongside her husband in the psychological thriller Hannibal. “He is an extraordinary actor,” Gina told POPSUGAR. “What actor doesn’t want to work with another extraordinary actor? It just makes you better.” This year she joined the cast of Revenge, admitting she’s been a closet fanatic of the nighttime soap opera from the beginning.

Her Hannibal character arc recently ended, but Gina will no doubt continue starring in Suits for years to come. The show was renewed for a 6th season during the first week of season 5! Catch the latest episodes Wednesdays at 9/8c on the USA Network, and see how Gina’s keen mind thinks in this USA Network rapid-fire interview.

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