Glass Half Full: Ways to Create Positive Energy From Whatever Life Hands You

Positive Energy
Ways to Create Positive Energy From Whatever Life Hands You

Looking at the glass “half full” really, really works! Whether it is the beginning of a new week, or the weekend, TODAY is a good day to begin practicing this lifestyle.

After researching, studying, and putting these ideals into practice myself, I am happy to share these tips with you my friend: Let us “burn” those negative thoughts that sneak in without permission, and replace them with positive affirmations.

Practice Reversing Negative Thoughts: Find The Silver Lining

Life challenges and pesky people will always happen, but it is our reaction that really dictates the outcome of our day. It is OK to get irritated, it’s actually very normal; but you should not stay like that for the rest of the day.

It is not about being naive either.

Dr. Joffrey Suprina, Ph.D., dean of the College of Behavioral Sciences from Argosy University, comments that positive people are also realistic. They do not ignore the dark side of things or the ugly aspects of life—rather they choose to focus their time and energy on actions that will produce positive results. In other words, they look for the positive side on every situation.

Be Aware

Positive people, those who constantly practice positive thoughts, are experts in crushing (I call it “burning”) negative, hopeless, and depressing thoughts.

What all this means is that we must be aware of that moment when we start with the negative thinking process (“I can’t,” “I won’t make it,” “That woman is so mean”). Those thoughts come to play without us even realizing it! It’s called unconsciously— meaning we really don’t bring them on intentionally. BUT the second you catch those thoughts… it’s the moment to “burn” them. Reverse them with positive affirmations (“Of course I can,” “I will prepare and make it happen,” “That lady has a strong personality, I will conquer her with kindness”)

Feed Your Positive State

How? By practicing! Just like learning any other new skill, the more you practice, the more it becomes a natural, almost-automatic habit. Cultivate activities that trigger positive emotions. And playing the victim card does not apply here. Neither does the “I don’t have time or money” card. Here are some things you can do, no matter the circumstances:

  • Meditate or pray with faith
  • Write your desires (on a positive state of mind) on a beautiful, colorful journal
  • Buy fresh blooms and freshen up your living room
  • If weather allows, a simple walk in the park, or by the seashore, will lift your spirits and bring a positive feeling to your heart!
  • Got some close amigas? Call them up! Have a delish cafecito and chit-chat on positive topics

In sum: You can. It is a habit, a lifestyle. I invite you to adopt it. I sure am doing so!

Practice. Burn. Feed. Cultivate.

Love you my friend,

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