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Golden Globes 2018: Fashion Blackout for Equality Rocks the Red Carpet

Almost everyone on the red carpet for the 2018 Golden Globes wore black to raise consciousness for the #MeToo movement and the Time’s Up Legal fund started by actresses and activists to help women effected by sexual harassment and assault fight their cases (which has raised $16 million already).

Actresses Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Amy Poehler among others brought female activists as their “dates,” including Ai-jen Poo, the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Tarana Burke, the founder of the “Me Too” movement, and Marai Larasi, the executive director of Imkaan, a Black-feminist organization.

My favorite moment of the E! Red Carpet came courtesy of Michelle Williams and Tarana Burke, with Williams giving Burke the full platform of her interview with Ryan Seacrest. Burke seized her opportunity with enthusiasm to talk about how she feels seeing a movement that she started so many years ago take a hold and inspire so many others.

“It’s deeply humbling. This is something that I started out of necessity, it’s something I thought my community needed. It’s grown over the years but I never could’ve envisioned it growing like this,” Burke said. “This moment is so powerful because we’re seeing a collaboration between these two worlds that people don’t normally put together, and would most likely have us pitted against each other. So it’s really powerful to be on the red carpet tonight and for people like Michelle to be selfless enough to give up their time so we can talk about our causes.”

Even though the dresses were black, the mood seemed anything but somber, with Allison Brie (one of my picks for best dressed below) saying the atmosphere on red carpets was “celebratory” and “empowering.” Without further ado, here are my top picks for Best Dressed of the Golden Globes 2018 Fashion Black Out, including an adorably pregnant Eva Longoria showing off her baby bump publicly for the very first time and a refreshing trend of pants that I fully embraced!

Alexis Bledel

The pants, the sash, the applique – everything is RIGHT about this Ms. Bledel.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Ross brought some serious African Goddess vibes to the red carpet in this regal ensemble.

Allison Brie

PANTS! This was my favorite pants suit of the night.

Jamie Chung

Don’t you love the unexpected combo of tough leather with girly tulle?

Susan Kelechi Watson

I can’t tell if I love this jumper, or her performance as Beth in This is Us. But who cares?

Zuri Hall

This gown was busy, but the attitude, hair and makeup helped Hall pull it off with panache.

Diane Kruger

Kruger looked like a glittery goddess and the cape was just the icing.

Eva Longoria & Reese Witherspoon

Longoria’s adorable baby bump made an elegant debut in a tuxedo-inspired gown that struck the perfect balance between sexy and sweet.

Issa Rae

Rae looked positively statuesque in this perfectly cut and draped gown, paired with a gorgeous necklace that complimented the neckline like a dream.





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