Green Tostadas: A Kid-Friendly Twist on the Classic Dish

The most appetizing name to make you want to eat this treat—but for kids having something out of the ordinary (even if it’s only in the name) is always exciting. Little by little I’ve been changing the names of the dishes I make so that my kids are more enthusiastic about trying them. I don’t know if it’s only my children, but they love foods that are different, even if it’s something as adults we may think sounds pretty bizarre.

So, the dishes in my home have completely different names than what may be considered the norm. Broccoli soup is called tree soup and cauliflower soup is called white tree soup. The names go on from there, from ugly vegetable salad to other strange and even unappetizing names.

The name green tostadas is a perfect name for children, because in their world there are so many green things. I’ll leave it to your imagination…. For me, as a mother, there are also lots of green things, but in my mind they consist of green and leafy vegetables. And I would say that there’s no mother who doesn’t get worried about feeding their children the best diet possible. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them lots and lots of green vegetables. Nutrition experts have stated that the greener the leaf or the vegetable, the higher the nutrient content. Therefore, these tostadas are full of all different shades of green that I could think of. The salsa is made from green tomatoes (tomatillos), cilantro and avocado. The tostada (shell) and black beans are covered with green cabbage and cucumber on top, also green. It’s the perfect combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for our children so that they grow up to be as healthy and as strong as possible. And the best of all is that as they’re devouring the tostadas, they’re also thinking of which vegetable is the greenest, or what name they should give it.

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