Have You Seen These Lace-Up Shoes for Fall 2015?

Lace-Up Shoes
Lace-Up Shoes for Fall 2015

Hola Fashionistas!

Seems that lace-up shoes are trending!  You’ll find these lovely shoes gracing fashionista feet everywhere. This trend is a must have for all shoe enthusiasts.

I’m absolutely loving that designers are bringing us visually appealing flat footwear. I’m sure all Fashionistas will agree: If we’re going to wear flats, they should be something that catches our eye. Who wants to wear boring shoes?

Zara - Lace Up Ballerina ShoesAs you look around the latest fashion trends, you’ll see how flats have slowly become a fashion staple in many of our everyday rotations. You can see them worn with stylish dresses and also with jeans and shorts. They look simply fabulous. This is one fall shoe that I’ll definitely be shopping for.

Below I’m sharing my favorite finds.  Which are your favorite?  Enjoy and if you find a pair that are simply gorgeous, be sure and share them with us.


As always, Zara delivers.  Cute and affordable laced flats
Love this suede pair.  Several beautiful colors available.
Lovely suede heels, with ankle laces.  Available in several colors.
Snake-embossed leather, simple fabulous shoes.
Anthropologie - Billy Ella Lace-Up FlatsAnthropologie – Billy Ella Lace-Up Flats
Also available in a beautiful green shade.
Nordstrom - Pointy Toe Ghillie FlatNordstrom – Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat
A print we all love.  Synthetic upper.
This flat is gorgeous.  Love the red suede.

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