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Healthy Vegan Alkalizing Green Salad Recipe

Knowing what to eat to be healthy is not easy these days. Nutrition is one of the most confusing subjects of our time, with one person claiming to have the answer to achieve perfect health one day, and another giving a completely opposite view the next. Should we eat lots of meat like those who follow a paleo diet do, or should we become vegan like Bill Clinton, Alicia Silverstone, and Kris Carr? Should we eat absolutely no fat to reverse heart disease like some doctors would advice, or should we embrace healthy fats like the Mediterraneans have done for many centuries with their generous use of olive oil?

When I decided to become a health coach and immerse myself in the world of nutrition, what I discovered was that most theories out there do in fact work, they just don’t work for every single person at all times. Your diet will vary according to your gender, age, race, background, personal taste, body constitution, geographical location, blood type, season of the year, and many other factors. What we need to be healthy is never a fixed thing from person to person, and it’s not even a fixed thing for the same person at different times in his or her life. However, there is one common denominator to almost every healthy diet: to feel your best you need to eat lots of fresh vegetables. There’s no going around it: the more vegetables you eat, the healthier you will be, the more energized and happier you will feel, and the easier it will be for you to shed any excess weight.

So why are veggies so good for us?

Well, for many reasons. One of them, and the most important according to the book The PH Miracle, is the fact that vegetables help our blood’s pH be more alkaline. You see, just like our temperature is meant to be 98.6 F at all times, our blood’s pH is meant to be slightly alkaline (7.365 if you want the exact number). However, the modern diet is extremely acidifying, as is the stressful lifestyle most of us have, all the chemicals that surround us wherever we go, and the polluted air we breathe. All of these factors force our bodies to work extra hard to remain balanced, so much so, that according to Robert O. Young, author of The PH Miracle, every disease is the body’s desperate attempt at maintaining that ideal state of alkalinity.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, eating as many vegetables as you can is the easiest, most effective way to alkalize your body. The book suggests that our meals consist of eighty percent alkaline ingredients, half of them raw.

This salad was created with all that in mind. I guess you could say it’s the perfect alkalizing meal. So eat it as often as possible and feel great about it.

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