Highlighting Your Best Feature: Makeup Tricks for Everyday Beauty

Makeup Tricks

Makeup Tricks for Everyday Beauty

One of my close friends is a makeup artist out of Los Angeles. New and old, almost every client she has worked with asks that she play up his or her best feature. Of course being the amazing makeup artist that she is (I’m biased), it’s easy for her to know which feature shines most.

But what about us regular folks? How can we look at our faces and pinpoint our best feature? It’s subjective. We all have things we like and dislike about our appearances. The key is to examine your face and see what it is you like best: Some may have beautiful eyes equipped with long fluttery lashes, while others full lips or naturally defined cheekbones.

I go through phases. Sometimes I like to play up my eyes, other days I may want to rock a bold lip. The power of makeup allows for the feature of our choice to be the focal point.


The goal is to create definition, making eyes appear bigger or less tired. We’ve all had one or two sleepless nights­ — no judgment! When I wake up sleepy, I like to apply eyeliner on the upper inner rim of my eye to help create the illusion of fuller lashes. To open up the eye, one to two coats of mascara lends a dramatic effect and immediately draws attention. Ladies, eyeliner and mascara are our best friends.

Skincare tip for eyes

Use eye cream in your morning and night skin-care routines. Moisturize the delicate eye area as preventative care or to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Here is one of my personal favorites. This Origins eye cream contains caffeine, making it ideal for dark, puffy, and tired eyes.

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