HipLatina One Year Anniversary!

Feliz cumpleaños a nosotros—Hip Latina is one! We can’t believe how much things have changed over the last 12 months. Late last August, 2014, we launched with only three writers, and were publishing three articles each week at first. Now we’re up to 7-8 articles per week from a roster of over 20 freelancers—our troupe of Hip Latina ambassadors from all over the U.S., represented in this photo collage.

Throughout the year there have been many exciting milestone moments: publishing our 100th article, then our 200th. Tackling video content (an on-going process!); Reaching 1,000 Twitter followers, then crossing the 5,000 line. On Facebook, we were all delighted to reach 20,000 fans, then 40,000—now we’re over 60,000 and growing weekly. What excites us about these numbers is the fact that our community is getting bigger and stronger, that Hip Latinas everywhere are coming together on our sites to share experiences, memories, and advice. We loved attending Hispanicize 2015 and spreading our message with so many fabulous Latina entrepreneurs, writers, and bloggers working in the same space.

We want to thank all of YOU, our readers, for making our first year so bright. We look forward to meeting more of you, over social media and in person, and working together to create something unforgettable.

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