HipLatina Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Mexican American Vintners Association

MAVA is a non-profit organization that has arisen from generations of families in wine country. Its mission is manifold: to promote Napa and Sonoma wines produced by Mexican-American vintners; to advocate quality standards for its members; to promote and support the contributions of Mexican-Americans in the wine industry; and to support education in the Napa and Sonoma Counties.

A year ago this week, HipLatina launched a digital media platform uniting the diverse Latina community through daily unique articles and videos. Our attendance at the annual Mexican American Vintners Association (MAVA) harvest grape celebration last year was the perfect way to begin.

This year, HipLatina is proud to expand its partnership with MAVA and announces new digital content by adding wine pairings to Delish, a section about the culinary fare of Latino cuisine with a modern twist. We seek to provide broader wine and Latino food coverage to more than 250,000 readers of Hiplatina.com, which also publishes daily articles about Living (health & wellness, family & education, & travel), Style (fashion, beauty, home décor), Arts (music, art & film, & books), Success (career, financial & inspiring stories). HipLatina educates and inspires through original articles and audience engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

“HipLatina is happy to be contributing to the wine education of our community, making wine and food approachable and fun. It is fitting that we celebrate our one-year anniversary where we launched by sponsoring the 5th Annual Mexican American Vintners Association harvest grape stomp celebration”, said Co-Founder and COO, Lisa Cavalli. This year’s event is set for August 15, 2015 at Mi Sueño Winery in Napa. There will be traditional crushing of the grapes, eating authentic traditional local fare, and tasting the best of Napa Valley’s MAVA member’s wine. They include Ceja Vineyards, Delgadillo Cellars, Encanto Vineyards, Honrama Cellars, Justicia Wines, Llamas Family Wines, Maldonado Family Vineyards, Mario Bazan Cellars, Marita’s Vineyard, Mi Sueno Winery, Renteria Wines, Robledo Family Vineyards, Scalon Cellars and Volcan Cellars. Nobody knows the special relationship Sonoma and Napa terroir have with wine grapes like these families.

Many of the fourteen MAVA members have been farming the land for decades and now have the opportunity to produce their own wines. They represent the American dream in a unique way, and HipLatina is proud to support their efforts.

Here is a snapshot of a few of the vineyards participating in MAVA:

Encanto Vineyards

The wines of Encanto Vineyards are a tribute to the magic created by farm workers and their labor in the fields. No machines could ever take the place of the songs, jokes and the human touch that goes into tending the vines.

“My father, Don Enrique Segura, settled in the Napa Valley in the 1950s as one of the first Mexican-American farm workers and vineyard managers. We consider him the great wizard of the vineyards and dedicate our wines to his memory.” -Rosaura Segura 

Enrique Lopez & Rosaura Segura




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