What You Need to Know About Peppers for Your Kitchen

Peppers are beautiful, but there is a lot to know! Here are a few tips from Chef Susie:

  • Bell peppers are sweet and come in many colors. Fire roast and stuff them.
  • Poblano – fire roast it to make chile relleno. Mostly sweet flavors, and occassionally you will get a hot one.  If you dry it, it becomes…
  • Chile Ancho – soak in water for variation (like my mom used to do).
  • Jalapeño – the most popular pepper for cooking with heat.
  • Chipotle – similar to Jalapeño, but has smokey character.
  • Fresno peppers are next – hotter than the Jalapeno, but also has a sweet nuance to it.
  • Serrano – super hot! The smaller they get, the spicier they get!
  • Chile de Arbol – top your taco with a fresh one! And if you dry one, it gets even hotter!

Susie encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new when you use peppers in the kitchen!


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