HipLatina’s Favorites #TuesdayTravel: Visiting The City of Angels

 Visiting Downtown Los Angeles

Last Tuesday we shared our favorite experiences and places of New York City and this week we are in Los Angeles for more opportunities and a little fun thrown in.

Landing in LA is a vast contrast to the east coast where fall is in full affect and winter just around the corner. Downtown LA is a bustling city center. Since 1999, this once downtrodden downtown has gone through a process of gentrification from block to block and district to district. Our SoCal home this week is in the neighborhood of 8th and Hope.

Downtown Los Angeles

Sunrise on Hope

The last sixty-days have brought us coast-to-coast, Puerto Rico, and back to SoCal. Waking up to this beautiful sunrise the week has given me ‘Hope’ our travel for the year is winding down!

downtown hope

LA Live

LA Live is the home LA Lakers and Clippers Los Angeles dual pro basketball teams, LA Kings pro ice hockey, and  venue for concerts, award shows, and many conferences. Its massive, its shiny, its the “new” LA. With all the glitz, glamor, we decided to head to the beach to wrap up the last visit to SoCal in 2016

staples center Los Angeles

Manhattan Beach

Wrapping up our city of angels tour we headed to Manhattan Beach to enjoy the last sunset to been seen from the beach in 2016. Manhattan Beach is a quiet community know for the excellent public schools system, beach volleyball, and amazing sunsets. Until next time.

manhattan beach sunsets



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