Edible Garden: New York Botanical Garden event

Hispanic Heritage Month 2016

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 

Last week HipLatina kicked off Hispanic Heritage month with articles emphasizing women’s empowerment, building success, making a difference in your community, and upcoming HHM events. Our upcoming articles will celebrate women who are making a difference locally and globally, acknowledge the importance of raising bi-cultural children, and recipes from our abuelas. In case you missed our week 1 HHM articles we have included them here:

9 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in New York City

HHM events

Smell the fresh garden air as you join in on the Fiesta de Flores celebration at the New York Botanical commemorating the people of Latin America and the Caribbean. Enjoy the live music, dancing, food, wine tastings and much more. 

Empowering Women Globally: A Chat With Nely Galan

Nely Galan HipLatina
Nely Galan

The Adelante Movement is part of the Coca-Cola Company’s 5by20 initiative to advance women’s economic empowerment around the globe. The organization aims to empower 5 million female entrepreneurs across the company’s value chain by 2020.

Community Leadership During Hispanic Heritage Month

community leadership

We love our communities because they have shaped who we are and have given us safe haven in our most difficult days. It’s natural to want to give back to a place that gave you so much.

Hispanic Heritage Month Recipes, DIY Crafts, and Favorites Books

folktales Hispanic Heritage Month

We have selected books that share folktales of the Latin American culture and DIY crafts you can do with the family.

Hispanic Heritage 2016 #Women2Watch from HipLatina


This impressive group of women include: first Latina to orbit the earth in space, a trailblazer in Latinx talk show production, an advocate for Latino civic engagement, and a leader for girls as champion for STEM education for young women. Every one of these women are leaders and Latinas to watch.

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