How Latino Did You Actually Grow Up?!

Growing up Latino, there were a multitude of things that our parents, tios, and abuelos implanted in our minds that we didn’t fully understand until now…and even then, we probably still don’t even understand some. I’m sure we can all agree that growing up in a Latinx family has had a positive impact on each of our lives because there is so much that Latinx cultures have to offer. From fútbol, to the amazing food and great music, Latinx culture has proven that it’s worth indulging in! Take this quiz to reveal just how Latino you grew up!


The party starts at 5pm, what time are you and your family showing up?

What's your go to for the following: runny nose, fever, congestion, headache, stress, etc.?

What's a rough estimate of the number of relatives you have?

How do you feel about fútbol?

Can you name this essential character from Sabado Gigante?

What is in the butter container in your fridge?

Do you have to clear out your oven before using it?

Have you ever had caldo on a hot summer day?

How do you feel about spicy food?

Which scent of Fabuloso is the most iconic?

How Latino Did You Actually Grow Up?!
You grew up VERY Latino and it shows! Time to strut your stuff!

It's very obvious you had some Latino influence in your life!

Ouch, you might need to get in touch with your Latino side!

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