How to Choose Furniture to Fit a Space: 5 Home Decor Tips

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5 Home Decor Tips

Decorating takes time and planning and a little budgeting. But when it comes to visiting showrooms and furniture stores, it is easy to get lost in the furniture, and end up picking pieces that end up not fitting your home. Fortunately, there are ways to keep a design disaster or mishap from happening: here are 5 tried and true ways to find furniture to fit a space:

Measure. This may seem like an obvious move, but it’s often skipped by enthusiastic shoppers. Don’t go to the store until you have clearly measured all the rooms you plan to re-do. The question is not “How many square inches can I fill up with stuff?” but rather, “What size furniture will best suit my rooms?”

Roughly sketch out your room and the pieces you want in it, such as a sofa, chairs, coffee table, and side tables. Let the sketch guide you in choosing furniture that not only fits in the space, but allows breathing room, and provides enough open areas for people to maneuver freely. Aim for simplicity and space so the room feels comfortable without feeling crowded.

  1. Size Matters: When choosing furniture, think about their size and relationship to each other, not just to the space of the room. For example, make sure your coffee table is the same height as the seating around the room, so every piece matches the size arrangement. Also pick furniture that fits the size of the room: long couches with large cushions lends itself to filling big spaces, while minimal looking, two-seater sofas with added pillows make a small space comfy without the crowding.
  2. Pick for Utility, Too: It’s easy to fall in love with an object that matches your taste in design, but it might not be the most appropriate for your lifestyle. Maybe it’s that L-shaped sofa that is a little too big for your living room, or the beautifully upholstered two-seater that can’t actually fit the family and friends that come over frequently. Consider how you use the room, and stick to furniture that suits your daily routine.
  3. Use Details to Your Advantage:Think about how you can transform furniture that seems to need a few extra touches to fit your design plans. Maybe you love the woodwork on some antique chairs, but the fabric to the seat has faded. Get it upholstered in a design of your choosing, allowing you to keep that lovely woodwork, while bringing the overall appearance up to date. Also remember that other accent pieces—such as curtains, pillows, rugs, and lighting—can add the extra warmth and style that match and contrast with your furniture.
  4. Make a Statement Piece Stand Out: Don’t be afraid to stick with your gut and tastes, even if it means straying from your original plans. For example, if you end up with a bold statement piece that clashes with the rest of the room’s design, give it space. Place the chair or table in a corner that seems empty, letting it command attention. A little clashing done right also adds creativity and uniqueness to the room, so don’t be too afraid if everything does not match or follow a tightly arranged scheme.

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