Mexican Indigenous Woman Wins Marathon With Pure Grace and Humility

If you’re preparing to run a marathon, you’d probably need to get the proper running shoes and perhaps good athletic clothing to endure the difficult journey. But if you’re just an amazingly talented athletic person you might not need to spend so much on any running gear. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this indigenous Mexican woman who entered an “ultramarathon” of 31 miles wearing her daily wear of sandals and a skirt.

On April 29, according to the BBC, María Lorena Ramírez came in first place against 500 other runners from 12 countries in “the female category of the Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo” in Puebla, in central Mexico. They also report that the sandals were made of recycled tyre rubber.

Ramírez’s indigenous tribe is called the Tarahumara, located in Northern Mexico, and apparently these people are known for their great athletic ability to be long-distance runners.

Christopher McDougall’s wrote about these spectacular people in his bestselling book, Born To Run. He lists several reasons why Tarahumara are particularly good at running. Here’s a few of them.

They do not waste any energy: “We would take a water break or a rest and they would all sit down right away. They didn’t stand. It was all about conservation to them.”

They work as a team: “The Tarahumara always race as a team, not as individuals. They feed off each other’s energy and camaraderie.”

Running is a joy to them: “What we noticed when filming the Tarahumara men running the traditional ball race [Rarajipari] and the women running their hoop and arrow race [Ariweta], that for the Tarahumara running is a joyful and sacred experience with a powerful spiritual significance.”

They embrace the simple aspect of running: “The Tarahumara don’t rely on GPS watches, heart-rate monitors, pace calculators, detailed training plans or a special shoe that best matches their running stride. Keeping things simple allows them to focus exclusively on running.”

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