18 Latina Jefas Break Down the Key to Overcoming Obstacles

Julissa Prado, Founder of Rizos Curls

Julissa Prado grew up with curly hair and when she fully embraced her ringlets is when she developed the unique concoction that would become the all-natural hair care line Rizos Curls. The LA-based family-run operation recently launched in Target stores solidifying her place as one of the top Latina-owned haircare brands.

Who are the Latinas that have inspired you through the years?
I think a lot of the time we get stuck on feeling we can only draw inspiration from celebrities or figures that are far from our reach and we don’t personally know. I love to surround myself with other mujeres that are growing and building just like me and inspire me through their own hard work to keep going and reach higher.

What is your greatest professional achievement so far?
It is truly a dream come true to see Rizos Curls on Target shelves after launching only two years ago. Rizos Curls is a personal labor of love from the formulas I created to pouring my life savings into this company as a completely self-funded and independently owned family business.

Who are some of the women in your industry that you admire and why?
Daisy from Dazy Lyn Studio, Natalia and Lala from Bella Donna — plus so many more. They are all examples of women who are self-funded, passionate and unapologetic about their company values. I love how authentic, creative and consistent they are.

What is it like being a woman and Latina in your industry?
Scarce, I’m one of the few self-funded, self-made Latina owned haircare brands in my industry and it makes me proud to be in this space while staying true to who I am and the community that got me here. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to take the knowledge I continue to acquire and help other mujeres that were once in my shoes break into these competitive industries.

What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are now?
One of the biggest obstacles has been money, staying self-funded and not giving into investors whose values don’t align with what Rizos Curls has worked so hard to build. Rizos Curls is equally curls, community, and culture, and although it would be nice to have the extra cash flow, I will never compromise the community or culture pieces.

What are ways you look to innovate/change/enhance the industry you’re in?
Honestly, for me, innovation and new product development comes from our Rizos Reinas and Rizos Reys. We stay ahead of the game because we are not afraid to reach out to our customers for help. Some of our best ideas from our own customers.

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