Introducing HipLatina’s Career Strategies Series

Working in America has changed dramatically over the last hundred years. Our projects require more mental effort, less hard labor; our offices are in cities, and in our homes. The workplace is no longer a boys’ club, nor a white-bread power center (at least it shouldn’t be). Our laws and technologies have made it so that all around us, while we work, cultures collide and are formed—both because of the people we work with and the ways we work together.

More than ever, women are getting hired and getting things accomplished. Still, we are paid less than men (the latest reports estimate female salaries at 78% of their male colleagues’ pay), and it’s still very hard to begin a career out of school, or to re-ignite one after a break for childrearing. For Latinas, the environment can present even more challenges. How much of yourself do you show at work? How can your identity come to your aid?

HipLatina is presenting a series of career-focused articles, to help you search out and apply for jobs, and then, once you get the job, to understand how to conduct yourself in a way that will advance your career. These articles are meant to answer uncomfortable questions, and to help you navigate work your lives as fluidly as possible. The first piece, about following your instincts to share ideas at work, discusses the always-tricky line of when to speak up to your boss—and once you’ve decided to go for it, how to proceed. We hope you find this series motivating and helpful, and that you take away from them the message that Latinas have a beautiful future in the American workplace.




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