Invited to a Bachelor Party? Here’s Our Guide to Surviving The Weekend

bachelor party hiplatina I remember the excitement I felt when one of my best guy friends told me he would be asking his longtime girlfriend to marry him. It was excruciating to keep that secret from her when I saw her. Once he finally proposed I was relieved—I no longer had to pretend to not know. To my surprise, shortly after the proposal, he asked that my best girl friend of the last 20+ years and I attend the bachelor party. Of course we accepted! We had been his best female friends for years, so we were excited for the wedding, the bride, and the groom!

We made sure to ask the other guys in the wedding party individually if they were okay with our coming along, and to our surprise they were. We knew most of the guys attending, many since high school for 10+ years, and we were all from the same hometown with the exception of the bride’s brother. Everyone met at a mutual meeting point four hours away from Las Vegas and drove in several cars. Road tripping was a must,  and certainly kicked off the trip on the right note. We were Vegas bound, baby!

So what did I pack on a trip to Vegas? Here are a few items to pack if you are asked to go on a Bachelor party:

  • Music—A lot of music especially if there is a road trip involved. For millennial groups, I recommend a blend of 90’s and early 2000’s tunes—enjoy the playlist we made to get the trip off to a great start.
  • Playing cards—a classic pre-outing activity.
  • Comfortable shoes—guys do not know the pain of wearing heels, so they may be willing to walk farther than you are to destinations.
  • Your debit card and credit cards. What the guys splurge on for the groom, you should pitch in on equally. If they are truly your good friends, it won’t be anything out of your budget comfort zone. If it is something you do not want to participate in, they will understand. Speak up.
  • Your phone charger and a back up battery charge pack. They will thank you as everyone is using their phones throughout the trip to text loved ones, kids, or to document something a guy in the wedding party did they want to laugh about later.
  • Your strong stomach—your eating habits will not be the same, expect a lot of junk food. If you will be having any alcoholic beverages, manage your intake.

As many Mexican Catholic grandmothers say when you say goodbye or maybe your mother before a trip… “suerte y que Dios te Bendiga!”

In the end it was a great trip. People asked upon my return how it went and my truthful and honest answer, “It was a blast. It consisted of hilarious and entertaining moments. Some singing, dancing, lots of dog piles, hours of video footage and SD cards full of photos.




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