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Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty-Five Recap: Dreams and Memories

In Chapter Eighty-Four, we were left with a heavy cliffhanger: Michael got his memories back! What would this mean for Jane? For Michael? For Rafael? If this were a movie, we might have found out by now. But, being a telenovela, I’m sure we won’t truly find this answer out until the final episode, perhaps with Jane in a romantic embrace with whoever she deems Her One True Love.


In this episode, we begin with Jane recalling a recurring dream from her childhood, wherein she’d discover that Lorenzo Lamas (the half-Argentinean actor perhaps best known for Renegade and The Bold and the Beautiful) was her father. But then, the dream would become a nightmare where he would take her away from her family (in this case, her mother and grandmother)…a bit of foreshadowing for later in the episode.


We spend the first few minutes seriously feeling Team Rafael. Jane’s on board with moving on with her life now that Jason’s out, and Rafael even got her a Happy Book-iversary bouquet which had the writer in me catching all kinds of romantic feels. This doesn’t last though, as just a few moments later, Jane catches Michael leaving for Montana and something about his eye contact this time assures her that that is no longer Jason behind those eyes. We’ll get to all this in a minute though as there are a few subplots to address first, like…


Alba and Jorge

There’s a small subplot going on with Alba and her faux-husband Jorge. We find out that Alba is indeed not protecting herself and having strong feelings for her ex-boyfriend-turned-spouse-of-convenience. It’s tough to watch as she reads way too much into these phony letters he sends her (to make sure the marriage appears legit). Sadly, Alba sets herself up for heartache when she dresses up to meet him upon his return…only to discover it was his sister egging him on to write all those romantic things to her. Alba ends the episode sad but not defeated. It’s obvious she’s still going to pursue Jorge no matter what.


Xo and Ro

Xo is finally coming on her last round of chemo (yay!) but it coincides with Mateo’s Grandparents Day school event, so everyone thinks she should sit this one out. However, Rogelio has his “glam squad” make her up nice and she looks as healthy as she used to, and even performs a short dance with Mateo to surprise everyone.


Unfortunately, she overdoes it a bit, and she has to be rushed to the hospital for observation. She’s okay, but she and Rogelio have a heart to heart about how she’s still scared the chemo won’t work and she’ll pass away. She tells Ro how she doesn’t want to be remembered sick and frail, but Rogelio is there to pick up the pieces and assure her things will be alright. 


Petra and JR, Plus Magda Returns

Petra manages to go peak Petra this entire episode, being immensely self-absorbed in her wish to get back with JR. Of course, we can’t blame her. Like many queer gals, I’m rooting for them both—not only because I could watch Rosario Dawson all day long, but also because she actually makes Petra more human and likeable (something she was lacking for most of this episode). Petra keeps making her non-emergency (trying to decide what to text JR in an attempt to get her back) Jane’s problem, blasting texts at her throughout at some pretty inconvenient times. Our gracious heroine takes it in stride, though.


In one scene, the gals have a heart to heart about what to do about their love lives: Petra in her feelings about JR, and Jane in her feeling about Michael and Rafael (now that she knows he remembers everything—I promise we’ll get to that soon!) and Petra texts JR and eventually gets her to agree to meet her again.


This gets complicated when Magda (Petra’s mom played by Priscilla Barnes whom we haven’t seen in a while) make a return. She tries to force Petra into giving her money in some whacky scheme (handcuffing Petra to her so she can’t go to JR), but it doesn’t work and who knows what Magda will do now. All we know is Petra gets back with JR by the end of it, and hopefully things run a bit more smoothly now. But this IS a telenovela, after all…


And Finally…The Ultimate Love Triangle

After Jane goes looking for Michael to stop him from going away, the couple sit down on a bench and have a long conversation, catching up this time as Michael and Jane and not Jason and Jane. Michael confesses that he’s still in love with Jane and wants to be with her, but that ultimately, it’s her call. No pressure (because Michael is a freaking saint, damnit, and I will not be swayed).


Meanwhile, Rafael is having hissy fits when Jane reveals Michael is now truly back, and how she needs more time before sending the divorce papers. At one point, Petra convinces Jane she should just get the divorce and get it over with since Rafael is her future and Michael her past. The girls get drunk, and Jane tries sending them out (but even our narrator warns against #dontdrinkanddecide) and shortly after, she ends up having to weasel them away from the (very understanding) mail carrier.


Petra further screws things up when she tells Raf that Jane sent in the divorce papers, giving him false hope that she’s finally done with Michael. But he later learns that she, in fact, took them back and Rafael does not take it well (what happened to the sweet Rafael who sent her the Book-iversary bouquet? This is why we can’t have nice things….).


By the end of the episode, we see Rafael suddenly remember everything that happened prior to Michael’s death: how she frequently trusted Michael over him, how she in fact chose him multiple times over him, how she inevitably decided to marry Michael, and how difficult it all was for him. We see Rafael confront Jane in the final scene, asking her if she loves Michael, to which she responds, “I don’t know.”


“That sounds like an answer,” Rafael replies, and he then asks her to leave, assuring her that he can take care of Mateo for the evening (or longer?) It’s clear that Rafael won’t be comfortable playing second fiddle anymore, and in a way, even Team Michael fans can get behind this. Perhaps this is what Jane needs to figure out once and for all who she loves more (because she clearly loves both in her own way). Will Rafael’s hard stance force her to choose him (if only to keep her family together)? Will she realize that too much time has passed between Michael and her to rekindle their old romance? Maybe what Jane needs is a clean slate, away from the drama of both of these men. Either way, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how this keeps playing out.

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