‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Eighty-Four Recap: Of Siblings, Pay Gaps, and Soulmates

Okay, let’s just dive right into this because there are a number of moving parts to last night’s Jane the Virgin episode that we need to get to.

First Up: Sibling Rivalry

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW (YouTubeTV)

This is probably the first episode where we get to see a lot of Rafael’s three children: Anna, Ellie, and Mateo. We find out that the three siblings are having a tough time getting along, causing chaos for their sitters and parents. It’s further complicated by the bickering between Jane and Petra, who obviously have very different parenting styles. When Petra mentions feeling left out, Jane assumes it has to do with Rafael spending more time with her and Mateo than with Petra and their daughters. But here’s a fun twist: Petra’s actually bummed that Jane’s been leaving her out of the loop of her life.

They have a nice heart-to-heart inside the kid’s play teepee, which also allows the kids space to resolve their own conflicts. Jane even encourages Petra to message JR again (whom she’s clearly still missing), and it seems that JR might be making a return soon enough. Petra also encourages Jane to ask Jason to leave, since Jane’s been feeling like he’s just disrupting her life and doesn’t actually have feelings for Jason. He is, as Petra puts it, a stranger. It begs the question: If he had returned as Michael and not Jason, would Jane still choose Rafael? Has she (and her feelings) changed as much as she says, or were they soulmates? More on this in a bit…

#Rivelio and Pay Inequality

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW (YouTubeTV)

Last week, we were left with a cliffhanger in which Xo would need to break some bad news to Rogelio. In this episode, we find out exactly what it is: River Fields is making double what Rogelio is earning for The Passions of Steve and Brenda. Initially, I felt like this was just going to be a weaker subplot (we already know Rogelio can be immature and dramatic when he’s not on top), but the writers really used this one to drive home several points. On the one hand, Xo and River both bring up the issue of the gender pay gap, and how women generally make less than men across the board. The women both note how it’s actually refreshing to see a woman making more than a man for once (and honestly, I was nodding in agreement during this).

Then River brings up the fact that she’s just more famous in the States than Rogelio is, which gets him thinking (and initially plotting). At one point Rogelio ends up accidentally River in the fact (landing her in the hospital a third time), but it all turns out okay…save for River’s half-paralyzed face. But throughout this, Rogelio has a realization: that the struggle for pay parity also affects people of color. At one point, Rogelio says, “Why am I so desperate for validation from a country that doesn’t seem to value or accept me?” And we all know exactly what he means. The point is driven home with a cut to the next scene, where Jane is reading an article about Trump and ICE, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt a twinge of sadness that this isn’t just part of the fictional story, but something we’re all living through daily.

Eventually, River decides to back Rogelio up in ensuring he’s also paid equally as her co-star of color. But as we all know, River doesn’t just do things out of the goodness of her heart. In a truly White Feminist move, she ends up taking full credit for getting Rogelio his dues, using it as a way to further her own career. #WokeRiver, anyone?

Jane’s Never-Ending Love Triangle

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW (YouTubeTV)

We start this episode with some more cringe-worthy appearances by Jason, who now wants to “come a-courtin'” Jane to make sure there isn’t a spark left between them. He makes her an offer: go out on a date with him, and then if she still feels nothing, he’ll give her the divorce. Rafael is getting visibly upset by this whole thing (and even #TeamMichael fans can’t blame him), but he does his best to play it cool throughout.

Jason decides to take Jane on a fishing date, with the caveat that the date won’t end until she catches a fish. They have a few amusing moments (like when Jane ends up causing them to fall out of the boat—perhaps a nod to Season 1 when she falls into the pool at the Marbella). And while there are occasional smiles exchanged, we never once see Jane’s heart glow. It was definitely a heartbreaking realization for some of us. The point of Jane’s change of heart are furthered when she asks Jason to leave. This is followed by a scene where Jane asks Rafael if he’d like to adopt a child with her someday. Maybe this is the kind of happy ending Jane deserves after all?

Later, Jane has a discussion with Alba about souls and soulmates, as she still feels conflicted about MichaelJason being back, and how Jason just isn’t who Michael was. Alba assures her though that while souls do exist, soulmates are simply the stuff of telenovelas (but wait, isn’t this a telenovela? Hmm…)

Just then, Jason shows up at Jane’s door to give her the divorce papers and say goodbye. Another heart-wrenching scene as we see that Jane truly is still hurt over all this. Even Jason seems sad at the goodbye, an earnest look on his face as he hugs her goodbye for what may be the final time.

But then, just as she closes the door, a miracle happens: Jason accidentally hits the ceiling with his fishing pole, causing some “snow” to fall on him, prompting his memories to return. MICHAEL IS BACK, Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!! And as we see his memories flooding back, his heart glows, and now we’ve really got to wonder WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW (YouTubeTV)

Final Notes

  • Mateo accidentally runs into MichaelJason, which causes a lot of disruption for him. While some fans had a theory that Michael was just faking amnesia (perhaps to protect Jane and Mateo), this was a clear indication that this was not the case. Michael would never intentionally do something to hurt Mateo.
  • Really sad that we aren’t giving Xo more storylines. We know she’s dealing with her chemo, which is upsetting enough. Hopefully they give her at least one more solid story before the series ends.
  • There was nothing about Luisa or Sin Rostro and her cohorts in this episode. Wonder what’s happening there?
  • What is going to happen now that Michael has his memories?! The preview for the next episode shows us that while Jane is ready to move on, Michael is still hanging around town. Next week CANNOT come soon enough.




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