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Jane the Virgin Chapter Eighty-Seven Recap: The Villanuevas Get Sex-Positive

Last episode, we left off with Rafael potentially abusing prescription drugs, Jane being confused about the men in her life, Alba pining for Jorge, and Xo trying to get back to her life post-chemo. In Chapter Eighty-Seven, we pick right back up on all of this. Let’s take it section by section, shall we?

Jane and New Michael

Jane the Virgin / CW

I had this silly theory that Jane might finally get more comfortable with the idea of Michael being back once he began looking more like himself. Well, at the start of this episode, Michael and Jane end up at the police station and Mr. Cordero is finally looking more and more like himself. Well, at the very least, he’s shaved (thankfully), but sadly Jane doesn’t even seem to notice. Plus, she’s probably got bigger things to figure out, specifically: what happened the day Michael “died” and was kidnapped by Sin Rostro. Dennis (Michael’s partner on the force) asks them to try and recreate that final day to see if Michael might remember some new details.

They have a few moments where Michael basically craps all over their sweet and romantic memories, but he later recognizes this and apologizes. It feels a bit strange though since just last episode, he gave Jane this extremely sweet AND romantic gift: her novel with his notes all over it. C’mon writers, let’s have a little more consistency here!

Rafael’s Downward Spiral

Jane the Virgin / CW

Meanwhile, Rafael keeps dropping the ball in his role as Mateo’s father. He’s forgetting to pick up Mateo, can’t be reached to get Mateo’s art project, and oh yeah, all three of his children are now suspecting he’s using drugs because they’ve seen him taking these mystery pills. When we saw this in the last episode, I wondered if maybe Raf’s cancer had somehow come back and he just didn’t want to tell anyone. I felt like this truly might be the case when he and Petra spoke about his potential drug habit and Petra eventually told Jane to just back off.

Jane isn’t exactly great at leaving things alone, though, and at one point she starts looking for the pills in his apartment. Not cool, Jane. Raf confronts her and asks her to leave, which is understandable. But in a later scene at a lesbian bar called the Truck Stop (where Petra was trying to impress JR’s friends—more on this later), Petra admits to Jane that Rafael is merely taking antidepressants. That said, it’s not exactly wise to mix those with alcohol either, and personally I don’t think that excuses him being unable to properly parent his kid. Raf needs to clean himself up and move forward, or at the very least, leave the children with their mothers for a while until he’s feeling better. Then again, this is a telenovela and things aren’t always so simple I guess.

Sin Rostro And The Princess Bride

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Speaking of complicated matters, we finally have some updates on the whole Sin Rostro evil villain situation. It turns out that Michael hadn’t just noticed Rose/Eileen’s mask coming off on the day he was kidnapped. He had also noticed something on her phone, her user name for some website. The name was Buttercup (like in the Princess Bride), and Michael made the connection that this was her login for the Satin Road—a dark web-esque site where people could obtain and sell all kinds of illegal goods and services. He also recalls that number that none of the other detectives could figure out the meaning of. But when Michael and Dennis try to finally use the login and see what more they could dig up, one of Rose’s creepy lackeys (whom we saw in an earlier episode) appears, telling Rose via video chat that he made sure the detectives couldn’t log in. Guess we’ll have to see what else Rose is cooking up.


Alba And Jorge

Jane the Virgin / The CW

We’re definitely getting a whole new side to Alba in this episode. She’s come a long way, so much so that she’s actually, openly talking about things like sex and masturbation without so much as a blush. I’m seriously loving the new sex-positive Alba, who at one point gives Xo vibrator recommendations and even admits to fantasizing about former President Barack Obama.

Sadly, though, we also see her get her heart broken in this episode. At one point, immigration officers come through to conduct a check on Alba and Jorge’s marriage, and Alba mistakenly thinks that Jorge has fallen for her once more. But when she finds out it was just a show, she knows it’s time to come clean. Jorge clearly does not feel the same way, and it’s pretty depressing, but we commend Alba for being the strong, classy lady she is through it all.

How Xo (Almost) Got Her Groove Back

Jane the Virgin / CW

Speaking of sex-positive, this episode has some amazing scenes that normalize how sex drives change for many people for numerous reasons. First, Xo accidentally walks in on Rogelio pleasuring himself, but it isn’t a huge deal. There’s no teasing or shaming, and instead, they have a very real discussion on how he misses being intimate with her since they haven’t in a long while. It’s understandable, and she admits she misses it too, but also doesn’t feel physically ready. There’s no pressure on anyone here, and they’re both sympathetic toward one another.

They end up going to see her doctor, who informs Xo that she may be experiencing chemo-induced menopause. Her estrogen is dropping, which in a way is good in reducing her odds of the cancer returning, but it also has some side effects on her libido. At one point, Alba recommends a rabbit vibrator and some lube, and mostly for Xo to take some time to re-acquaint herself with her body, and it’s seriously some of the best advice anyone could have given her.

Xo takes this into consideration, but of course, Ro walks in on her now. He wants to know how to help, but she informs him that this is something she needs to figure out on her own first. Rogelio understands, and is supportive. This, my friends, is how real adults act and deal with the way all our bodies eventually change.

Petra In Jeans

Jane the Virgin / The CW

There’s a whole subplot on Petra trying to gain the love and trust of JR’s friends (especially Leona, JR’s bestie who clearly does not care for Petra, played by none other than Zelda Williams, writer/director/actress and daughter of Robin Williams). In all this, Petra even goes to a queer club and dances on stage and it’s completely ridiculous and funny and makes us appreciate the lengths Petra will go to to hopefully maintain her relationship. Eventually, Petra discovers that Leona just doesn’t trust her after she hurt JR time and again—which, hey, understandable. Petra decides to stop trying to hard though, and settles into proving herself in the long term. Also, JR finally stays the night at Petra’s (but things are interrupted when Petra’s daughters shriek when they find a stranger by their bedroom window whom quickly disappears…Maybe another one of Rose’s henchmen? We’ll soon find out).

Michael and New Jane

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Over the course of the episode, Jane and Michael continuously recognize how much they’ve changed over time. Jane brings this up to Michael, but he admits that while some things are different, he’s still in love with her. He suggests they go away together to figure things out and, surprisingly, Jane agrees. Guess we’ll see what happens next time…

Final Notes

  • Could Michael bringing up the Princess Bride suggest that Jane is his Buttercup and he the Dread Pirate Roberts/Westley, who was also thought dead for a long time? Buttercup marries the bad Prince in that movie while she thinks her love is dead, just like Jane did. But at the end, Westley returns and fights for his love because they are end game. But again…there’s many episodes left and this show has many more twists and turns to go.
  • Also, where the heck is Luisa???
  • And will Michael decide to rejoin the police force? Or will he have to always give it up to have any shot with Jane? So many questions.

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