‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Ninety-Five Recap: Jane the Bride…The Sequel

Chapter Ninety-Five introduces us to some new conflicts, brings back some old faces, and also happens to have a lot of wonderfully tender moments. Ro is struggling to relax due to his pilot still not being approved for the full series. Petra and Raf team up, only to realize maybe they won’t make such a great team. And an old friend comes back to ask Jane for a seriously heavy favor that brings up a lot of reflection time for our heroine. Let’s begin!

Ro Needs A Chill Pill

Ro’s super distracted and stressed this whole episode thanks to not yet hearing back from the network executives about his pilot for The Passions of Steve and Brenda. He even takes to Instagram Live to try and make sure the show gets picked up. Xo tries her best to get him to relax, but as it turns out, there’s a bigger issue: his heart is beating irregularly. At first he ignores Xo but he ends up in the hospital and has to have a procedure for his heart as a result. Things end up alright for him, but we’ll have to wait till next episode to see whether Passions will hit American TV screens soon.

Who Runs The Marbella?

Petra spots Raf speaking with a famous chef and asks if she can be introduced to potentially collaborate with him—which doesn’t really rub Raf the right way. Fortunately, the two talk some more and Petra offers Rafael a job helping her run the Marbella. All seems well until Rafael oversteps at a meeting with the celeb chef—which doesn’t rub Petra the right way. They fight and decide to part ways, but after Jane informs him that he did, in fact, overstep, he decides to apologize. And while the two finally have an amicable conversation over the phone, something else comes up (because this is a telenovela): Magda pops up out of the back seat from inside Petra’s car and tells her she better help her out or else. And then, for more drama…they crash! Or at least, that’s what it seems like. Who knows what’ll happen there.

Jane and Lina’s Egg Situation

First thing’s first: LINA’S BACK!!! How we’ve missed you, girl! Okay, but now why is she back? Oh yeah, she’s Jane’s maid of honor and she’s helping her find a wedding dress. But she’s also got a major ask for her bestie: Would Jane be willing to give Lina one of her eggs so that she could have a baby? Apparently Lina and her beau have been struggling to have a baby for over a year and she figured her best friend might be up to the task. 

Jane, of course, needs to process and make lists. Initially she seems on board, but the more she thinks about it, the more questions she comes up with. Will she be involved in the baby’s life? Will the baby know she’s the biological mother? Lina freaks out and feels judged by her friend, and the girls are also at an impasse. But with time, they end up realizing that both had brought up fair points. Moreover, once Jane agrees to help, Lina actually realizes she doesn’t want Jane’s eggs anymore, for other valid reasons. The girls make up, and even better: Lina’s designed the PERFECT wedding dress for Jane! Oh, that’s right. Did I forget to mention Lina’s been at FIT all this time? Can’t wait to see what she came up with.

Other Highlights

– Xo got into nursing school! Yayayayayay!

– Jane and Raf struggle to find an officiant for their wedding until they realize the perfect person has been in front of them this whole time: Alba! And of course, she says YES.

– There’s a brief storyline where Mateo accidentally misunderstand Jane talking about Lina and the eggs and thinks Jane is pregnant. He tells everyone at school, but Jane explains it to him so he can dispel the rumor he started.




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