‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Ninety-One: Jane Follows Her Passion

One of the biggest struggles for any professional writer is trying to figure out how to balance the paying work with the work we are truly passionate about. Some lucky writers get to do both with ease. Most of us, though, have to make some compromises. We might take a job writing about car insurance (not the sexiest venture) in order to keep us afloat as we work on our dream novel. And we all know the stereotype about NYC and LA being full of would-be screenwriters and playwrights making cash as bartenders and baristas—but there’s some truth to it. And in Chapter Ninety-One, Jane is left wondering how to manage both.

Writing For Pay vs. Writing For Pleasure

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Last episode, Jane helped get Rogelio’s new version of The Passions… off the ground. At the start of this episode, Rogelio informes Jane that she’s been asked to write the pilot alongside Dina, his former scriptwriter. Shortly after, Jane meets with her old mentor Marlene, who informs her that she’d be happy to show her new publisher friend (and lover) the first pages of Jane’s new work-in-progress. As the episode progresses, we see Jane begin to struggle. She’s accidentally writing Alba’s virginity talks into an outer-space scene. She’s having to ask for less work hours at the Marbella. She’s being stretched thin and has no idea how to make it all work.

It’s only when she has a conversation with Rogelio that things become clear. Yes, the screenwriting gig would pay much more, but it isn’t her passion. It’s Rogelio’s. And Ro doesn’t want Jane working on it if it isn’t her passion as well. Thanks to her support system, Jane is able to bow out gracefully from writing the pilot without going hungry. Not exactly how it goes for all writers, but we’ll take it. After all, I can’t be the only one assuming that the end of the show will involve Jane publishing her novel which turns out to be the show, right? (Whoops, that’s not a spoiler, I swear!)

Mateo’s Diagnosis

Jane the Virgin / The CW

This season, we’ve been seeing Mateo struggle with his reading as well as his behavior. His teacher calls in Rafael and Jane to discuss having Mateo tested for any potential behavioral issues. Jane’s on board with having him tested immediately. Rafael, on the other hand, seems almost insulted that his teacher would suggest such a thing. It gets worse when Raf finds out that Jane made Mateo an assessment appointment without his consent, and he even threatens to have the terms of their custody agreement changed. My take? Raf, you need to chill the heck out, my dude.

What’s worse is he only finally gets on board with the testing when Petra tells him he’s acting like a schmuck. So basically, he won’t listen to Jane (who is Mateo’s biological mother), but he’ll listen to his ex/other babies mama? Not OK, Rafael. Either way, it turns out Mateo’s got ADHD and no matter what, Raf and Jane need to figure things out for the little dude’s sake. Maybe the writers are just trying to make sure we end up hating Raf by the end and all become united in #TeamKeepJaneSingle? Or maybe Raf is just acting out himself since Luisa’s been begging him for forgiveness after she discovers she did, indeed, inherit the funds from Rose’s Satin Road. Wait till he finds out Luisa’s decided to go back to Rose after all.

JR’s Headed For Texas…For Good?

Jane the Virgin / The CW

Petra and JR are on the rocks again. After JR goes to Houston for a job interview, Petra finds herself feeling a bit worried about where that leaves them. She ends up pulling some strings to get JR a job right in town. But of course, when JR finds out, it doesn’t end well. Looks like JR’s finally done with Petra’s meddling and puts an end to their tumultuous relationship. Petra ends up going to see Jane and confesses that she was about to propose (which, whoa, slow down there with that U-Haul, Petra!) Maybe it’s for the best?

Final Notes

  • Petra dressed up like a waify Dolly Parton was too adorable.
  • I know Victoria’s Secret is super controversial but Luisa and Rose dressing up like angels is kind of amazing.
  • Will Luisa ever be able to finally quit Rose? It’s not looking likely.




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