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Jane the Virgin Chapter One-Hundred: One Final Goodbye

Alright friends, the time has finally come to bid farewell to our favorite Americanized telenovela: Jane the Virgin. It’s been a beautiful series of ups and downs, evil twins and kidnapped kids, false starts and broken hearts, and everything in between. I didn’t write up Chapter Ninety-Nine since it was basically a full series recap, but you should check it out before and/or after the final episode for the laughs and tears. And hoo boy are there a lot of tears in the finale. Let’s begin, one last time…

NY, I Don’t Know If I Love You

Last episode, things were finally coming together for Rogelio and Xiomara to make the move to NYC. At the start of this one, the pair come over to let Jane and Rafael know about the move. It’s difficult, especially when Mateo hears and throws a fit about Xo leaving. The fear begins to get to Xo as well, and she later tells Ro that she doesn’t want to move. They agree to have a commuter relationship, but you can tell Ro’s a little sad. 

But then Xo, Alba, and Jane all have one more night together in Alba’s house and Alba sets Xo straight. She can’t keep putting her life on hold for everyone else. And Xo finally admits that she’s scared of being away from her mom and her daughter for the first time ever—but comes around to the idea of the move.

One other beautiful scene here is when Alba goes out into the living room by herself reminisces about all the years she spent there: with her first husband, raising Xo, raising Jane, helping to raise Mateo, grieving Michael, getting her citizenship, Jane writing her books—all of it. A tender moment, and just one of many tear jerkers for sure.

Rafael’s Parents Revealed

A few seasons ago, Rafael found out he was actually adopted by his mother in secret. All he knew was that he was born in Italy. In the finale, Luisa somehow discovers who his biological parents are. Sadly, though, they both died years ago in a car accident. She ends up giving the information to Jane, who has the difficult task of telling her fiance. He actually takes it in stride, and seems almost relieved to find out they were just plain, ordinary people who ran a bakery. Perhaps due to all the insanity revolving around his adoptive family? We feel for Raf, who will never get a chance to know his biological family. But we also appreciate his sentiment: that he has a family, in Jane and his children, and the rest of the gang.

The Rehearsal

We get a few more loose ends tied in the wedding rehearsal scene: Ro’s mother (played by the incomparable Rita Moreno) makes a cameo. Petra attempts to make some jokes (and bombs, because nobody needs to hear “funny” Petra). Ro awkwardly tries to coax Rafael into calling him dad (in a later scene, he comes by Rafael’s to apologize and also to give him un “lazo de novia” for their wedding—a Mexican tradition, after all). But there’s also a lot of sweet scenes, like finding out that Lina is pregnant (thanks to her sister’s eggs)! And we get some real nice speeches, too. Mostly, though, we’re ready for the end!

The Wedding!

The day of the wedding, Rafael finds out that Jane’s editor didn’t get her edits in time to get a copy of her book to Isabel Allende in time. She suggests that the only way it might happen is if she went in person to get the flash drive to the printing press. Suddenly, Rafael has an idea, and decides to rush over to get it done—one last grand romantic gesture. 

He gets it done, but then gets stuck at the broken security gate. He decides to ram his car through it, but then gets arrested. Meanwhile Jane’s getting ready for the wedding and gets the call that he needs to get bailed out. In one final, ridiculous sequence, Jane finds herself running through a marathon to try and get to a ride share only to have it dropped. She then somehow spends $5k to bribe a public bus driver into allowing her to borrow the bus for a little while to pick up Rafael AND the wedding party, and then get to the actual wedding (which they were a few minutes late for).

Back at the wedding, Petra is keeping everyone entertained when JR suddenly shows up. Apparently Rafael called her to let her know Petra was still in love with her and missed her, and they get back together! 

Jane and company finally show up, and it’s the sweetest of telenovela weddings. The kids read a passage from a book (and we find out that the narrator was Mateo the whole time!) They use the lazo de novia for the ceremony. Raf and Jane attempt to read their vows, only to cry so much they’re unable to speak. They kiss on and off throughout the entire ceremony. And finally, it’s done! They’re officially married, and we find out what Jane’s book ending is: she turns it all into one big telenovela.

So many tears, y’all. Thanks to everyone who made Jane possible and such a hit. Farewell, friends!

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