Jazz It Up With Lila Downs at the Lincoln Center 

Lila Downs - Hiplatina

Lila Downs at the Lincoln Center

A great way to celebrate the American culture is through music. If you are a true blue American, you are sure to enjoy a bit of jazz. Spend a cool October evening during this years’ Hispanic Heritage Month with Lila Downs, the famous Mexican-American singer, songwriter and actress. Downs will be performing at the Apparel Room at Lincoln Center on October 10 and 11. Downs is a Grammy and a Latin Grammy Winner and will be performing at the Apparel Room for the first time.

Singing in many tongues

Lila Downs is known for enthralling the audience with her powerful, soulful voice. She sings in many indigenous languages including Mayan, Zapotec, Nahuati, Mixtec and Tarascan. An artist from Oaxaca, Downs has a reputation for fusing in her Mexican culture into her music, which also has a touch of Jazz, soul, blues and African root. Sometimes, one can even find traces of Klezmer, a musical tradition with its origins in eastern Europe, in her music.

Lila can also sing in French, Italian and English, and other languages like Galician. She is also the first ever Mexican singer to perform at the Academy Awards.

Social Activist with a powerful voice

Lila Downs is not just a singer and an actress. The artist is also a dedicated social activist with a passion to maintain her American cultural identity through her songs and her music. She not only entertains people with her songs, but also educates them about the significant social issues like mistreatment of the indigenous tribes of her native state. Her song, La Digificada, from the album One Blood, was about the assassination of Digna Ochoa, a human rights lawyer from Mexico.

She has lent her voice to promote many global campaigns, including the One Drop campaign. Downs along with Salma Hayek represented Mexico during the promotion of the global One Drop campaign, and performed alongside fellow artists like Shakira, U2 and the founder of Cirque du Soleil.

Celebrating American culture through art 

The Hispanic Heritage Month will also see a number of artists showcasing their work at the Women’s Rights NHP Visitor Center. The gallery will have artworks by Andrea Arroyo, a well-known artist of Mexican-American origin. The Theater for the New City will feature a musical called Temple of the Souls, set in the rain forest of Puerto Rico.




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