Latina Entrepreneur Aymee Zubizarreta: Part 1

Aymee Zubizarreta has a lot going on—she’s juggling family, her marketing company, and a new creative project, web series Merrick Park. As the founder of zubizarretA group, a marketing and public relations service, Ms. Zubizarreta has been helping brands gain insight into the modern day Hispanic consumer in the United States for over 20 years. With all of this success under her belt, the Cuban-American entrepreneur serves as an inspiration to the Latina community as an example of what diligence, hard work, and imagination can accomplish.

While working in the corporate sector, Zubizarreta spent her spare time serving as a mentor for hardworking young women who were struggling to find success. Now she aims to change the way Latinas are depicted in the media, by creating a reflection of personal struggles she has faced. The web series Merrick Park (which lists Zubizarreta as Executive Producer, Creator, and Script Writer) follows the lives of three Latina women in the workplace, each at a different stage of life, struggling to make big things happen in modern America.

Shifting her focus away from her comfort zone of public relations and marketing, Zubizarreta is taking an admirable risk in order to make her dream a reality. Combining her experience in the corporate sector with a desire to show an image the hardworking Latina women of the United States could relate to, Zubizarreta came up with the idea for Merrick Park. The series features three main characters: one is a recently divorced doctor, one is an engineer and corporate executive, and the third is an immigrant mother and wife from Colombia.

Tired of how Hispanic-American soap operas depict women, Zubizarreta aims to paint the demographic in a light previously unheard of by the media. In the Merrick Park trailer, one of the characters proudly proclaims that Latinas are more than just sex symbols—a direct challenge to the common portrayal of Latina women on TV. Zubizarreta aims to shatter the media stereotype that women are fragile sex objects by creating female lead characters that are strong, hardworking, and independent, while being firmly in control of their sexuality.

Video is previously unexplored territory for Zubizarreta, but she is determined to create an accurate portrayal of Latina-American womens’ lives with Merrick Park. You can view the trailer for Merrick Park. With your support, Aymee Zubizarreta’s vision can become a reality.

Check back next week for HipLatina’s exclusive interview with Aymee Zubizarreta.




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