Latina Influence In Fashion

Inspired by the likes of Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vergara, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez, Latinas have made an indelible mark on the world of fashion that has left fashion photographers tripping over themselves to get the best red-carpet shots they can. Although Latin cultures vary widely in religious beliefs, traditions, and dialects, Latinas have one major element in common; they can effortlessly mix their natural femininity and fashion sense with their cultural roots.


Hollywood stylists and designers have scrambled to create new lines that show a distinct influence of the growing Latina culture. As they becoming more and more prominent on TV and in movies, they have introduced whole new lines to reinterpret silhouettes with the Latina body shapes in mind. (Curves are beautiful once more!) “Project Runway” judge Nina Garcia reminds the designers: “Latin women spend a lot of money in beauty, and they spend a lot of money in fashion. It’s in our culture.” Fashion designers ignore this at their own peril!


As Latinas can have many different skin tones due to cultural differences, the best bet is to go with warm shades using only a small bit of color for accent. With Fall coming up, the Fall colors have always been leaning towards warm and muted. Looking at many of the styles shown at Paris Fashion Week and other shows, however, those colors that go so well with warm skin tones are dominating, and the cuts are trending towards showing off feminine curves, which leads to the next subject:

Dangerous Curves Ahead!

Many Latina body shapes involve curves, those appealing silhouettes that most other cultures are only just now re-discovering. As a result, designers are no longer looking to hide voluptuous body lines in pursuit of a malnourished stick-figure. They are creating folds and drapes that highlight the natural feminine form. Full-figured women from other cultures, long tired of having to hide what they were born with, are clamoring for these Latina styles to help them also feel fun, flirtatious, and not just a little sexy!

The Fashion World Has Been Warned

Latinas do not hide behind fashion; we wear it like we own it. As the Latina population increases, designers will continue to be influenced by the styles of the many different regional cultures Latinas come from. Those who think it’s just a passing fad will find themselves left behind as they learn this painful lesson… “Ignore us at your own risk!

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