Latinas Changing the Tech World

If you look at the tech industry, diversity is frequently lacking. Actually, that’s pretty much a massive understatement. One recent study analyzed diversity reports from 11 major tech companies, including Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Apple, and found that Blacks and Latinos only make up about four to five percent of the employees. The same study found that on average, the leadership roles at these top businesses are held overwhelmingly by white males – at around 71 percent. This is no good! It’s up to us – the consumers –  to put the demands on tech companies to have a workforce that is more representative of the people actually using their products.

In the meantime, we honor these five women who are kicking ass in the tech world, reminding us that people of color, particularly women, deserve several seats at the corporate table in Silicon Valley.

Katia Beauchamp

Photo: HipLatina

Katia is the CEO and co-founder of Birchbox, an online beauty subscription started in 2010 that sends both men and women five samples of beauty products like makeup, and hair-products that are tailored to the subscribers’ particular style and tastes. Beauchamp developed the company with her fellow Harvard business school graduate Hayley Barna as a way to have better and more efficient access to the beauty products that are available on the internet. As a hair and makeup expert Beauchamp wanted to assist other savants in having the best new products to try.

Birchbox has been wildly successful. By combining their business acumen with a love of makeup products, Beauchamp and Barna have demonstrated that passion and creativity are the keys to success.




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