25 Latino Actors You Should Know Right Now

Photo: @arturocastrop/Instagram

There is a serious lack of representation for Latinxs in Hollywood. According to the 2019 UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report, “Latino actors made up only 5.2% of all film roles in the top 200 films released in 2017 and 6.2% of all scripted broadcast TV roles during the 2016-2017 television season.” This is true, although in the real world, Hispanics make up 18.1% of the U.S. population. That’s a whopping 58.9 million of us, who don’t get to see our own faces and stories on both the small and big screens.

That’s why we have to shout out and uplift the Latinx actors that are part of Hollywood now. These people are helping to create that shift we want to witness in film and television. We recently covered Latina actresses who are making it happen, and will now feature 25 Latinos who are making their mark in acting, while also repping for us at large. Thank you.




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