11 Weird but True Latino New Year’s Traditions

If you’re looking to switch things up this New Year’s Eve, we’ve compiled some of our favorite, weird, and whacky New Year’s customs from across Latin America. Though I guess maybe in New York we can’t quite call them whacky as we gather in Times Square or in front the TV screen eagerly awaiting a bedazzled giant ball to make an anti-climactic drop…

Quemar Munecos HipLatina

Photo Credit AncashAlDia

Burn Baby, Burn

Panama and Ecuador have a tradition of creating life size muñecos of someone who made a (negative) impression over the course of the year. It might be someone intimate from a personal connection or relationship gone wrong, or someone more well-known and infamous. To really get a fresh start for the New Year, the doll is burned at the stroke of midnight (or ignited with fireworks in Colombia and Paraguay) to destroy all negative energy brought on by that person. I can probably think of a few people from 2017 who I want to leave in ashes, but I’ll leave that up to your imagination.




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