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7 Latinx Travel Gurus to Inspire Your Next Viaje

Tired of that same summer vacation tradition? Are the kids over it? Or are those annual trips starting to look like an episode of Rica Famosa Latina totally gone wrong? Worse yet—are you worried that the vacay of your dreams will become a nightmare and end up breaking the bank? Rest assured, we’ve got answers! These Latinx travel gurus have dealt with everything from working on the road to facing wanderlust woes. Follow them and get inspired for your next viaje.

Gloria Apara (nomadic_chica)

The Nomadic Chica is ready to help you get to the bottom of your travel hang-ups. Whether it’s traveling alone, learning how to live a lifestyle of wanderlust, or how to deal with a tight budget, Gloria has answers. And with trips ranging from Latin America to Luxembourg, this Chilean is sure to have some advice and inspiration wherever your next destination is.

Olivia Christine (OChristine)

This Afro-Latina blogger isn’t afraid to dive into tough topics during her adventures. She refuses to stay silent on the lack of Afro-Latinas in the world of travel blogging. After being diagnosed with Lupus, she makes a point to ensure that mindfulness and personal wellness are key ingredients in journey planning.

Maria Alexandra (latinabroad)

From food tourism to romantic trips with your fiancé, Latinabroad has your travel needs covered. While her goal is “sprinkling Latin spice around the world,” Maria isn’t afraid to tackle the darker side of traveling with her efforts to raise money to stop human trafficking. Not to mention that on her diverse explorations she can own any outfit from a burka to a bikini.

Fran Opazo (nomad_fran)

Creator of “La Vida Nomade,” Francisca Opazo has just about the most diverse resume ever. From fashion designer, to full time backpacker, to DJ, Fran has done it all. Look no further if you need some ideas and inspiration on how you can work while constantly on the go, or are looking to head back to school to fulfill your travel desires. Fran is a bit unique from the other gurus on our list—she first caught the travel bug while exploring the remote corners of her native Chile.

Olga Maria (dreamsinheels)

HipLatina’s very own Olga Maria is the ultimate authority on how to follow your dreams, escape the daily grind, and become a digital nomad. She’s spoken at conferences like the New York Travel Fest and Unstoppable Latinas Summit at Baruch College to inspire other women to be entrepreneurs on-the-go. As the founder of DreamsInHeels and LatinasWhoTravel, she has also worked to provide young Latinas with travel opportunities through high school outreach programs. Most recently you can find Olga tackling Eastern Europe, where she just met with the mayor of Lviv in Ukraine.

Charleen Johnson Stoever (vulnerabletraveler)

This Mexican-American nomad puts social justice at the forefront of her excursions. She’s worked in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua as an LGBT diversity trainer and fundraiser for gender empowerment camps. Having tackled mental health and women’s issues in her writing for Travel Latina, she’s now working on translating this mobile healthcare app to reach more mothers in Spanish-speaking countries. But that doesn’t mean she can’t showcase the lighter side of her adventures and tell you about the best Chinese food she’s ever had.

Damaly Gonzalez (damaly)


Damaly was selected as global ambassador for the 2017 Women in Travel Summit. She’s your go-to guide for out of the box Latin American travel and an expert on all things Cuba—from travel inspiration, to planning tips, to what to see on the ground.[tps_footer][article_ad][/tps_footer]