7 Latinx Owned Businesses You Need to Check Out in Charlotte

For over a decade I have visited my family on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina for holidays and family get-togethers. And for over a decade I wondered: What the heck was my family doing there? Sure, the cost of living was lower in the suburban South than it was in the larger cities we grew up accustomed to, but it just always seemed like an odd choice for my loud and colorful Dominican family. And truth be told, I found it a bit boring. To be fair, the boredom may have been a bit self-imposed. Whenever we visited we rarely got out of the house, choosing instead to partake in family dinners, cookouts and the like. So when I decided to go on a solo trip to visit my cousin in Charlotte a few months ago, I had a singular goal: to discover once and for all why they liked it there so much. What I learned is that Charlotte is home to some really interesting museums, a host of numerous community activities and that my family isn’t the only Latinx family that lives there.

I also learned that there are a lot of Latinx businesses thriving in the metro area. In fact, if you find yourself in the Queen’s City, I encourage you to support a few of these Latinx-owned businesses and experience Charlotte in all of its glory.





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