The 29 Biggest Latinx Pop Culture Stars of All Time

Facebook/Suzette Quintanilla Official page

We’re proud to report on up and coming Latinx music artists and actors who are talented and on track to becoming the next big thing. But we also have a solid core of artists who have paved the way, done the hard work, kicked down the doors, and proven themselves as major Latinx international stars. These are the creators who we have known about since we were young, who inspire us, and of course, give us major orgullo Latino.

We should celebrate these icons whenever we can, and learn more about them and their work. Listen to their music, and watch their shows and films. Think of it as Latinx Stardom 101. This is what timeless, legendary Latinx talent looks like, and how it’s done. Whether you want to be entertained by their work, or want to be the next Rita Moreno or Celia Cruz (or both!), read on, and take notes!




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