Learn About Eva Longoria’s Latina Education Foundation

Eva Longoria has made it a mission for her foundation to partner with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to provide business training and micro-loans to low-income Latina entrepreneurs. Through additional partnership with Accion Texas, just since spring of 2013, loans have been given to 90 Latina business owners. Those funds helped to create or retain 200 jobs.

Latinas have started businesses at eight times the rate of men in the United States in recent years. Unfortunately, often these incredibly entrepreneurial women lack the access to the capital and training needed to begin and grow their businesses.

Of Mexican heritage, Eva is proud of being a Latina and wants to also do all that she can to help Latina students to finish high school and go on to college. Her foundation works with Boys and Girls Clubs and also runs Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) after-school programs to increase interested students’ knowledge of those skills and careers.

Eva consciously decided to focus on saving human beings rather than dogs and cats. That’s when she came up with the Eva Longoria Foundation to help promote the education of Latina high school girls. It is reported that 80% of Latinas would love to go to college, however, one in three drops out of high school, and only 15% go on to earn a college degree.




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