Lemonade Is Still Making Waves

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Still curious about Beyoncé’s Lemonade? We are too. You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have heard at least some whispers about Becky with the good hair. Here’s a roundup of the cultural conversation happening around Bey’s album:

  1. First of all, if you missed Lemonade’s run on HBO, here Billboard announces its encore presentation.
  2. In the latest drama surrounding the album, filmmaker Matthew Fulks is claiming that HBO’s trailer for the movie was ripped off from one of his short films.
  3.  Next, we have article that discusses Jay-Z’s involvement in the album, and his possible response albumIt seems likely that no matter what happened, the couple is in cahoots on this business venture.
  4. Lemonade brought in more money for Tidal (a company Jay-Z owns a large stock in) than ever. Both artists are profiting heavily from toying with media expectations.
  5. An interesting take on the aftermath for the alleged “Becky with the Good Hair” Rachel Roy. How does one manage the angry Bey-hive once it begins to swarm?
  6. A more recent review of the album, calling it a likely future classic. This review dives into each track on the album, and comments on the influence Chris Haigh sees this piece of art having in the future.
  7. And finally, on the other end of the spectrum a critique of lemonade from feminist critic bell hooks. For hooks, the message of the album is more damning than it is freeing. To her, the depictions of female violence will never buy women, especially black women their freedom. hooks is also skeptical of this project as a commercial enterprise, and believes that black women are still being fetishized to make money. She doesn’t buy Beyoncé’s brand of feminism or freedom.

Love it or hate it (I mean, come on, it’s hard not to love) almost a month and a half after its release Lemonade is still making headlines. As “Formation” foretold, “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.” Slay on Bey, Slay on.  

Katie Sterr is a writer, and recent MA grad living in Milwaukee, WI. Follow her adventures on Instagram @kas27us.

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