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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Song to Benefit Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Is Finally Here


It’s finally here! Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda announced last weekend that he was writing a song to benefit Puerto Rico and even teased the song’s release by showing us just some of the stars that are joining him on the track. Over the weekend and earlier this week, his Twitter was filled with all kinds of photos and short video clips of the likes of Marc Anthony, Luis Fonsi, the legendary Gloria Estefan and others singing.

Today the song, “Almost Like Praying”, has finally been released. It is currently available to download or stream on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal and more.

As predicted, the song is absolutely beautiful.

The lyrics talk about the beautiful island, with many stars naming different beloved locations on Puerto Rico. Marc Anthony sang about “mi viejo San Juan,” Camilla Cabello and Anthony Ramos sang about “Isabela, Maricao, Fajardo, Dorado,” Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan joined in to sing about “Peñuelas, Santa Isabel” and so much more. Really, you’ll want to put the song on repeat all day long in order to fully capture the beauty of it and to fully hear just how many artists have joined Lin-Manuel Miranda’s effort to raise money for Puerto Rico as the island continues to recover in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Unsurprisingly, “Almost Like Praying” plays out like a love song to Lin-Manuel’s beloved homeland. Though perhaps more shockingly, the song is much softer than the hip-hop that the composer and lyricist has become known for. Still, the song instantly garnered positive reactions on Twitter — with Lin-Manuel retweeting some of his favorite reactions, below along with other reactions to the tune.

John Leguizamo urged his followers to support the song.

The song just dropped and people already have it on repeat!

Nothing but love for the song and it’s message. 

Of course it wasn’t just Puerto Ricans who lent their voice to this tune, but other Latinos like Cubanas Camila Cabello and Gloria Estefan showing their support.

Now this is what you call a win-win: Great song for an even better cause. 


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