Listen In To Our Conversation With Actress Nicole Muñoz from “Defiance”


Nicole Muñoz is a young up-and-coming actress who has played a lead role in SyFy’s Defiance for the last three years. Aliens and humans live together on a traumatized, terraformed Earth. Nicole plays a Christie McCawley, a girl in the city of Defiance. Her community struggles to survive despite hostile invaders and their own feuds.

Hip Latina: What was it like sinking into the complex world of Defiance for three years?

Nicole Muñoz: It was amazing. I started right out of highschool. It was pretty fun being handed the character I got to work with for three years.

HL: What’s the strangest thing that happened while filming Defiance?

NM: The first day we had this Liberata on set in full body costume. I didn’t know if it was a she or a he, or how are we were communicating, but we ended up becoming great friends. Her name was Jessica Nichols and she played Bertie. We ended up living in the same building. My roommate was a Liberata!

Learn more about Nicole Munoz’s adventures on set (and see what a Liberata is) in this behind-the-scenes video.

HL: I loved Bertie! Defiance has an impressively detailed and expansive set. Did you have a favorite place on set?

NM: The McCawley house. It’s not the coolest spot–the Nidwan bar is I think–but I used to go there for my lunch break, sit in the living room, and pretend I was Christie by the fire and practice my lines.

HL: Christie’s seen plenty of character development in three seasons. What changed about playing Christie over the years?

Nicole Muñoz

Nicole Muñoz from “Defiance”

NM: She started off very sweet and harmless and just wanting badly to fall in love and spread her wings and explore herself like most teenage girls. As she got older she fell into womanhood quickly, [and grew into her] strength and power. She sees the darkness in the city of Defiance and then makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her baby.

HL: It was a very intense storyline. These last three years must have been a time of growth for you too. You were 18 when you started working on Defiance.

NM: It was definitely a growing time for me. I moved to Toronto where I didn’t know anyone. I was very lucky that everyone was friendly. We had potlucks every weekend and the cast always made sure no one was alone. Julie Benz would check up on me and let me babysit my dogs. If it weren’t for her Toronto would have been hard.

I learned how to act. I got to watch these incredible artists on set, to mimic and copy and learn from. I wouldn’t be in the career I am in today if it weren’t for Defiance. The creator changed my life.

HL: I bet you’ve never had a fan response like the one you got while working on Defiance. Is there a really moment with a Defiance fan that stuck in your mind?

NM: I get to see them on social media and Tumblr and everyone is so sweet and supportive. It shocks me how inspired they are by the show. This one fan I saw, Kaylee, was saying “Oh, I really want to make a cards against humanity Defiance themed-game.” And the next day there was one. Everyone is ready to support the show. The most special moment was the Toronto Comic Con fan expo and actually getting to see the fans and their faces and get to thanks them for what they do for the show. Defiance would definitely not be where its at without our fans.

You can tune into Defiance on SyFy Fridays at 9/8c or watch previous episodes on Amazon Prime. Nicole loves to talk to fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr – wherever you hang out, Nicole is there!




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