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Carpe Diem

Last week the HipLatina team spent the week working in New York city and staying with long-time family friends in Hoboken, New Jersey. We arrived late Monday night to our hosts home. The home is located across from the childhood home of one of the HipLatina founders. We made ourselves at home and looked forward to catching up over coffee the next morning.

Our hosts, Tom and Sue have lived in their family home for the last 48 years, raised 5 children, and have seen families come and go. Joined by two of the daughters who are grown with families of their own, time around the table was filled with many childhood memories. I remember many of the families that lived in the neighborhood, often referred to as Hobokenites, a colorful mix of hardworking immigrant families that have settled in for generations. As kids in the 1970’s we played, tumbled, ran through the fire hydrant fountain, and played ball against the wall. What we didn’t see was the poverty or crumbling infrastructure of our town, that has been completely revitalized and gentrified. As we reminisce about the good times and innocence of days gone by, I am a humble witness to the simpler way of life our hosts demonstrate.

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Gratitude Oatmeal

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