Lola’s POV: Do you suffer from FOMO?

I always live in the constant state of anxiety that I am missing out on something. On literally anything. I could be at a party and my parents could be having a movie night back home and I’m still going to be wondering what movie are they watching? are they having more fun than me? do they have good food? I don’t understand where I got this quirk, and I don’t want it. The constant fear that there is something happening and I’m not a part of it puts me in excruciating pain (dramatic much?). Even when there’s nothing I can do about it, or when the opportunity just doesn’t play out. I have FOMO.

FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out

Ever since I was little, I’ve always been a big party person. I liked the whole scene. The music, dressing up and getting my hair done, and of course, the food: sandwichitos de mezcla and humid Doritos taste like childhood birthday parties. I reminisce about the times where one party a month, that ended at 10:30 pm would last me for a good month. I didn’t need constant entertainment because I was satisfied. I didn’t need the consecutive stimuli of music, dance, lights, music, dance, lights, and pictures I would never see because someone forgot to transfer them from their digital camera to their PC. But now I live in a time where everything is instant. Everyone who’s at a party makes sure you know that they’re at a party. The Snapchat stories of them chanting out your favorite song and you, telling yourself:  “I should’ve been there.” You didn’t even go to the party and you already have post-party depression. You’re not crying because it’s over, you’re just crying because it’s happening, and you aren’t there. Oh, and wait! ¿Esa es fulana bailando con fulano? ¡JA! Deja que el novio se entere. You feel entitled to automatically ruin everybody’s life with chisme because you don’t need to follow the “What happens there, stays there” rule, because you weren’t there.

Social media has made it even more common to have FOMO, it almost encourages it, because you’re always being reminded where someone was, who they were with, and what they were doing. Being able to see what everybody else is doing brings you that degree of sadness and anxiety because you couldn’t go to x or y event, or even worse – maybe you weren’t invited! The factor that social media plays on FOMO is probably why FOMO exists. And SnapMaps doesn’t help either. Because you see everything. You know everything. And you weren’t even there to experience it.

I’m not here to offer you a solution to your FOMO because hey, I haven’t found it for myself. I have literally no advice for you other than to turn off your phone and take a long nap, or go party hopping and go to all the parties and don’t even miss one (though that’s a bit of a stretch) or simply write a blog about it, while you wait for the next party to come around.  {end rant}

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