Here’s Why We’re Going to London Just for Frida Kahlo

London here we come! The Victoria and Albert Museum in London will be featuring one of the most insightful exhibitions on Frida Kahlo. Unlike other Kahlo exhibitions that feature artwork, “Making Her Self Up” is focused on the artist herself. For the past 50 years, Frida’s most prized possessions — or we should say, her most personal items — have been locked up by her estate but will now be on view for the first time for the public to see. The show opens on June 14 and runs through Nov. 4.

In a press release, the V&A Museum states: “Working in close collaboration with Museo Frida Kahlo, we will display more than 200 objects from the Blue House. Kahlo’s personal items including outfits, letters, jewelry, cosmetics, medicines and medical corsets were discovered in 2004, 50 years after being sealed in the Blue House by her husband Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist, following her death in 1954. Exploring Kahlo’s highly choreographed appearance and style, these include 22 distinctive colorful Tehuana garments; pre-Columbian necklaces that Frida strung herself; examples of intricately hand painted corsets and prosthetics which will be displayed alongside film and photography of the artist as a visual narrative of her life.”


“This is the real material evidence of the way Kahlo constructed her identity,” Claire Wilcox, senior curator of fashion at the V&A, said to The Guardian.

We’re so thrilled to see these personal items on display, in particular her red-leather-booted prosthetic leg and makeup. This show finally gives fans an inside of look at the Mexican artist’s daily routine.

“Being Frida, it’s quite – if it’s possible – a joyful object,” Wilcox said to The Guardian. “She has clad it in a bright red leather boot and had it embroidered and tied bells on to it. It is so powerful and it is very exciting that these objects were saved and they are coming to the V&A.”


London might be across the pond, but when it comes to Frida it’s basically around the corner.

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