Latinx Owned Wellness and Yoga Centers in L.A. HipLatina

5 Incredible Latinx-Owned Yoga and Wellness Studios in Los Angeles


Did you know that yoga was first introduced to the west in Los Angeles, California? It was brought over by Indra Devi whom studied yoga in India under Sri Krishnamacharya. She wrote three books on the basic asana poses (physical yoga poses) which brought in a lot of readers, mostly women. People became interested and yoga’s popularity only has gotten larger and larger with time. Unfortunately when something becomes popular, it also becomes appropriated and expensive. But with wellness and healthy living being a larger topic of conversation, yoga and wellness centers are becoming more accessible and diverse. Here are a few Latinx owned yoga studios & wellness centers you can check out in the greater Los Angeles area.

People’s Yoga

Latinx Owned Yoga and Wellness Centers in L.A. HipLatina

The story behind People’s Yoga is quite inspiring. Lauren and Leah, the founders, first began offering yoga in 2012 throughout different community centers in East Los Angeles. After seeing the benefits and love that the community was gaining from yoga they went ahead and opened up their yoga studio in 2014. “Our classes are affordable, inviting, fun, intergenerational, and focused on self-care.” Their classes include mommy and me yoga, curvy flow, vinyasa flow, restorative and many more. The studio offers classes both in English and Spanish. Learn more about them here: Flying Aerial


Latinx Owned Yoga and Wellness Centers in L.A. HipLatina

Art Flying Aerial is located in Lomita in the South Bay. The studio is family owned and managed by a group of siblings (Rubi, Yolanda, Manuel, Nick, and Enrique). Sisters Rubi and Yolanda began the business in 2012 and have since been continuously growing, “specializing in aerial circus classes and/or private lessons in Silks, Static Trapeze, Rope, Lyra, Hammock, Straps, & Spanish Web, AFA has a class for you! The ground classes include Partner & Group Acrobatics, Yoga, Stretch & Flexibility, Dance, Zumba, and Tumbling & Handstands.” Check them out:

Dance & Fitness 4 Life

Latinx Owned Yoga and Wellness Centers in L.A. HipLatina

Dance & Fitness 4 Life is best known for its ecstatic Zumba classes but they also offer great yoga classes. The studio is Latinx family-owned and managed by Erika Carvajal. They pride themselves in encouraging health and wellness through holistic approaches and welcome diversity into their space. The studio is located in Northridge in the San Fernando Valley. Learn more about them here:

Downey Yoga

Latinx Owned Yoga and Wellness Centers in L.A. HipLatina

Downey Yoga, in the City of Downey, is a community yoga studio which offers a variety of classes such as vinyasa, chair yoga, pre-natal yoga, and gentle yoga. The studio was founded by Jovon Bernal who aims to share the practice of yoga with her community and surrounding areas. “We want our community to seek healing, strength, flexibility, and spirituality in order to find the connection within.” Check them out here:

House of Intuition

Latinx Owned Yoga and Wellness Centers in L.A. HipLatina

House of Intuition is an online and on-site healing services provider. Owners Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas grew their company from humble beginnings to having two stores (one in West Hollywood and the other in the Echo Park/Silver Lake area). On their website you can purchase healing crystals, candles, incense, dream catchers, and many other healing objects. They even offer a monthly subscription healing box by the name of the Magic Moon Box which contains “ritual candles for both the full and the new moon, as well as other items specifically chosen and curated for working with the zodiac signs affiliated with the specific moon cycles and planetary events.” On site healing services offered are Reiki, Middle Pillar Healing, Crystal Healing, and Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique. To learn more about these practices in detail visit their website:


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