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See the First Look at Netflix’s Series With Diego Boneta As Luis Miguel


Our first look of Netflix’s new Spanish series on Luis Miguel is here and we cannot handle it!

Diego Boneta is playing the role of the famous Latino crooner in “Luis Miguel, the Series,” which will air on Telemundo in the U.S and will be distributed in Latin America and Spain by Netflix in 2018.

The series will be a biopic look into the life of Luis Miguel and his career. We’re not sure how in depth this film will be or if it will discuss his personal love life, but we’re think it will. If you recall, Luis Miguel has had a slew of famous girlfriends including most recently Mariah Carey.

In an interview with Billboard, Luis Miguel commented on this new series saying: “People will travel alongside with me through a surprising, unexpected and emotional journey that has shaped the artist and the person that I am today.”

Boneta also posted a teaser on his Instagram with the caption: Are you ready?

Ummm yes!

Here’s another teaser:

We’re so excited to see this! Especially to hear those classics from the ’80s and see all of that retro fashion. It’s going to be so good.

There’s no release date as of yet, but we’re hoping it’s released this year. It just has to!

Are you excited to see this series? Let us know in the section below!


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