Latin America’s Favorite Villain, Telenovela Star María Rubio, Has Died

In life, there must always been a villain. What’s the point of living if everyone around you is your best friend? In order to be a great villain, however, the person must exemplify power, passion, and perseverance — because a true villain endures it all and never gives up. I say all of this because actress María Rubio possessed all of these things. She was resident evil — and we all loved her.

On March 1, the Asociación Nacional de Intérpretes de México (ANDI) reported that the telenovela star died at the age of 83. Univsion reports that her death comes just months after her son Claudio Reyes — a film director — also died in tragic car accident.

María is best known for playing the iconic character, Catalina Creel — the most evil bitch to ever be on television, on the telenovela “Cuna de Lobos” in the mid ’80s.

María went on to play countless of other roles, but it was this one on “Cuna De Lobos” that lived on in infamy. I actually don’t remember ever sitting through an entire episode of this novela, but what I distinctly recall that as a kid whenever María was on the TV screen, I feared for my life.

I could tell by the other people’s faces, that they were clearly frightened. And, if living in fear weren’t enough, she wore that damn eye patch! Again, how she came to lose an eye is beyond me, but her unforgettable eye patch was basically a dagger coming right at you. And how did it stay on? I thought it was so freakin’ modern that she had an eye patch that always matched her silk clothing and was propped-up all on its own. Remarkable.

Here’s what fans on social media are saying about this legendary actress that we will never forget.

There will never be another like her again!




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