Mentorship Programs For Latinas or Girls of Color: Part 1

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As an advocate for sisterhood, education, and empowerment girls of color to be the best they can be, I want to share some of what I’ve learned. Here is a comprehensive list of organizations dedicated to providing resources, safe spaces, and unique and diverse growth opportunities to girls in underserved communities around the United States.

Some of the organizations I’ve mentioned also provide mentorship and opportunities for boys. If there is a guy in your life who is looking to support boys in their development, pass this along.

Here are eight options for mentorship programs and organizations to consider volunteering or working at. Stay tuned for another eight in a follow up article. Let’s help our youth!

Be Braven – Online

Be Braven HipLatina

Braven, an online and in-person mentorship program helps college students transition from education to employment. Started by a woman of color, Founder & CEO Aimeé Eubanks Davis, Braven was founded on the principles of not letting race, class, or family education levels stand in the way of economic opportunity. They are currently working with students from San José State University and Rutgers University in Newark. Volunteer as a Braven Leadership Coach or a Professional Mentor. I am a Professional Mentor this year beginning in January to August 2017.


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