Mother-Approved Nontoxic Products to Add to Your Spring Cleaning Arsenal

Spring CleaningSpring is upon us! It’s finally time to drink cold liquids and swap out the muted knit sweaters with some new bright wardrobe items.

Oh, and clean. That’s not the part I most look forward to in the season, but it is necessary. I never really understood the concept of spring cleaning because, it’s like…stuff also gets dirty in winter? But I guess it’s kind of that freezing-level cold has (the illusion of) a sanitizing effect. Spring is when things first start thawing after the New Year, and whatever nastiness that was frozen is now more pliable (in theory). Apparently, the practice of spring cleaning has its roots in spring religious festivals—all of which are tied up with harvests and the theme of renewal.

Anyway, spring cleaning must be done! Because your mom will ask you about it!

This year, I beat my mom to it and asked her about spring cleaning. (Just kidding, my mom has never checked in to make sure I’ve completed spring cleaning. She knows me well enough to know that the answer is no.) But this is a new year and a new me! I wanted to know what nontoxic products she, master of cleanliness, might have to recommend to me, harsh-chemical-fearing master of laziness.

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