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Motivation for Meatless Mondays – 9 weeks until Holiday Season

Ideas for Vegetarian Meals

In the previous weeks we have shared our favorite self motivation tips to offer suggestions for your wellbeing. This week we have noted that we are nearly 9 weeks from the start of the holiday season. We have 5 meatless recipes that will help cutting a few calories before Thanksgiving.

Strawberry Salsa HipLatina


Fruit Salsa Recipe: Strawberry Pico de Gallo Recipe

A favorite from our Peruvian wellness guru –Morena Escardó

This was the first dish I ever proclaimed to be my favorite, and things didn’t change until I tried the original Italian pesto and it immediately became my new number one. I guess I have a thing for nuts, cheese, and basil!

Pesto Morena HipLatina

Peruvian Pesto: Pecan, Spinach, and Basil Recipe


A favorite from our wellness coach Alejandra Graf.

This dish of chickpeas in achiote sauce and brown rice bowl is inspired by the traditional Mexican street food “tacos al pastor.” Tacos al pastor are made of pork and consist of marinating the meat in a mixture of chilis and achiote paste, then layering the pieces one on top of the other, and at last slowly cooking it on a vertical grill. When done, the meat is sliced and served over corn tortillas and topped with chopped pineapple, cilantro, onions, and spicy sauce. It does not get more authentic Mexican than this.

chicpeas recipe hiplatina

Achiote Chickpea and Brown Rice Bowl Recipe


A favorite from our Peruvian Wellness Guru –Morena Escardó

Being the health geek I am, I immediately ran to the grocery store to get all the ingredients needed to make it and got cooking right away. I really enjoyed this new dish because I’m a Latina, so loving rice and beans is in my DNA! But I’m also a big fan of Indian spices and flavors, and found this to be a very tasty meal I could eat for several days in a row without getting tired of it. In fact, if you’re sick, it’s recommended that you eat it for several days until you feel better.

HipLatina Kichari recipe

A Spicy and Healing One Pot Meal


Favorites from our Travel Expert – Damaly Gonzalez

When you Google ‘Caribbean dessert’ the first image that pops up is flan. If you search for dessert from specific islands in the Greater Antilles such as Haiti and Cuba, images of flan or custard-like sweets appear. Contrary to what many think Caribbean dessert is (talking to you Google!) it isn’t just flan, tres leches or coconut-covered white cake. Yes, coconut is a popular ingredient in Caribbean desserts, but it is used with care, to build rich flavors in specific dishes, some of which you’ll find the Caribbean Dessert Guide below.

dulce de lechosa hiplatina

Caribbean Dessert Guide



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