#Motivation Monday: 5 Tips for Planning Your Week

Time to get up and go on this Monday morning!

But before you start running through your week, here are five tips to help make these next work days as smooth and productive as possible. Planning is 90% of your success.

Monday Motivation Planning List

Begin By Reflecting on Last Week and Clarifying Goals

Spend the first hour of your Monday morning planning your goals for the week. Include a brief review of what you accomplished last week, and note any items you didn’t quite get to.

Make a Smart, Short To-Do List

Make a do-list for the week with only the most important items on it, then start each day by tackling one of them. This way you won’t spend your whole week dealing putting out fires.

Planning to do list with goals hipLatina

Set Reminders

Update your digital calendar and set phone reminders. You may be able to sync your phone with your calendar of choice, so that you automatically receive reminders for meetings, Skype dates with distant family, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Dedicate Leisure Time

Do you love to read? Have a knitting group you hate to miss? Set aside time each day for friends, family, hobbies, and exercise so these things don’t slip to the bottom of your list. We all know that to be successful at work, we need to be healthy and emotionally stable. These things, therefore, must come first.

Sleep Planning HipLatina

Sleep Well – It’s In Your Hands

Plan your sleep routine. If you are a troubled sleeper, you will have to be strict with yourself—here are some ways to improve your rest: no computer in bed, no caffeine after lunch, no food within two hours of sleep, no email in the hour before bed, no lights from devices or chargers in your bedroom (or cover them if they must stay in the room).





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