#Motivation Monday: 5 Ways to Eat Your Fruits and Veggies This Week

For those of you who have spent a good chunk of your time on earth perusing seemingly endless articles for a better understanding of The Perfect Diet—that one that will make you leaner, stronger, more energetic, more glowy, more [insert desirable adjective]—you will probably understand that sometimes, it’s best to just tune it out. Come up with the bottom-line message, leave behind the fads. One piece of advice that seems to stand the test of time? Eat more fruits and vegetables. But that can be difficult with so many other options competing for space on the plate. Here are five suggestions for getting in your fruits and vegetables:

Hijack Your Dessert

Calabaza protein shake

Calabaza Shake

Getting in your fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to be a solemn, steamed affair. Keep in mind that there are plenty of them that make the perfect base for a delicious treat—something that fulfills the sweet tooth while also giving you a serving of something rich in nutrients. Try this Calabaza Shake recipe feat. canned pumpkin or this Mouth-Watering Chili-Mango Summer Smoothie feat. mangoes, obviously. (I can personally attest that these are tasty; I created and tested the recipes. My favorite is the Calabaza Shake.)

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