Mouth-Watering Chili-Mango Summer Smoothie.

Mouth Watering Chili-Mango Summer Smoothie

I first tried the chili-with-mango combination in the form of a sucker. Someone brought a bag of them to school, and I thought it was very strange candy.

I forgot about it until my best college friend started dating a guy from Mexico and went to live with his family in Guadalajara for a few years. She started combining fresh produce and a seasoned salt, Tajín. She sprinkled it on everything—pineapple, cucumber, cantaloupe, jicama, mango.

Maybe that’s what got me to revisit the idea. I sliced up mango and dusted it with chili powder and a bit of salt for snacking, and liked it.

This smoothie is sort of a remix with extra pizzazz. For extra sipping style, take an empty, transparent glass and dip the rim into a bowl of lime juice. Coat the rim by dipping it into a mixture of chili powder and brown sugar (use your fingers to combine the mixture evenly beforehand). Pour in the contents of the recipe below, then garnish with a drizzle of honey, some red pepper flakes, and a slice of lime.

This smoothie would be great as a mid-morning snack after breakfast; I suspect it would also be perfect with tequila. Then again, what isn’t?

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